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Newgrange hosted another successful Charity Fundraising Event

Thank you to all of our wider community of friends, family and district nurses that attended our Quiz Night.

We were lucky to have a full house of attendees for our fun-filled charity event and managed to raise £2,310 for one of our carers and her family, whose 3 year old son has been sadly diagnosed with Luekemia. The carer was able to come along to the event and was overwhelmed by the support and kindness that the Newgrange Team and our wider community showed.

A special afternoon celebrating Ken's art!

Newgrange's Activity Team have been trying for a while to reconnect one of our residents, Ken, back to his creative roots. However, he has sadly not picked up his water colours for some time. We were lucky enough to meet one of his talented students, who showed Ken some of her art, which had been guided and influenced by Ken. Spending time together with one of our team, meant that we were fortunate enough to see some of Ken's art work for ourselves.

He was humble as ever when he saw his work, but soon became animated when talking about his Art. Which lead Newgrange team to asking whether we could have some of his art for a wall at Newgrange. We then went and framed his art and decided to host an Art Event for the launch of Ken's Art Wall. We worked during the afternoon to curate the art work, all the while Ken is none the wiser, as we have put a screen across.

Finally the moment came for Ken to walk round and see his art, it was a magical moment, to see Ken's face light up as he saw six of his paintings framed. Ken talked fondly about his time as a teacher at the U3A, whilst the rest of the residents enjoyed the ambiance of the pianist playing Jazz music, drinking wine and eating cheese! A special afternoon reminiscing was had by all at Newgrange!

A "Thank you" from Newgrange

Newgrange wanted to take a moment to reflect and say, "Thank you" to our wonderful District Nurses and Warden Lodge Doctor's Surgery for all that they do to support Newgrange Residential Home. They are always there to support and come into our home every week to keep our residents safe and well cared for.

We are very lucky to have such positive partnerships with our Health Care Professionals in our Community. Warden Lodge and our team of District Nurses were so pleased to receive a bag of home made cookies, that one of our talented team made. 

Duke of Edinburgh

Our two Duke of Edinburgh students came in today, they have requested to volunteer for 12 hours in our home. They enjoyed playing jigsaws, chatting to our residents, doing some office work and helping support with the Cinema Club. We kept them busy and can't wait for them to come again to Newgrange!

Annual Summer BBQ and Entertainer

We had a wonderful celebration with the resident’s, their families and friends and our wonderful team. The home was full of buzz, laughter and dancing. A special mention to our inceredible Head Chef Stacie, Sissie and Pauline for putting on a wonderful BBQ spread. The meat was cooked to perfection on the BBQ with yummy salads and delicious puddings.

The residents enjoyed some ice cold glasses of wine and beer, whilst dancing to our entertainment, who kept us singing and dancing along to all of the old tunes! 

Having fun at our annual BBQ 

Click on the video below!
Newgrange BBQ

Matilda The Musical

The Newgrange's residents were fortunate enough to be invited to Brookland Junior School's, Year 6 performance.

They loved all of the songs, acting and costumes. The children enjoyed having the full attention of our residents and seeing the joy on their faces as they watched their play. We are looking forward to spending more time with the Brookland Junior and Infant School next academic year. 


Sadly the weather was raining today, so we brought our annual Sport's Day inside. The team and residents had a great time playing egg and spoon race, tug of war, relay race with fancy dress, goal shooting & bean bag races.

We split into two teams, Tottenham vs Arsenal - Tottenham was our overall winner! We then celebrated with lunch at the cafe at the top of our road, we had certainly worked up a hunger from all of our activities!


At Newgrange Care Home, we put our resident's wellbeing at the forefront of our decision making. We decided to help those residents living with Dementia orientate themselves better at night time, we would wear PJ's on the night shift. We want to monitor whether this helps residents sleep better when they sometimes struggle to tell the difference between day and night. The residents were full of smiles and laughter as they saw the staff wearing PJ's to help them get ready for bed.

The staff enjoyed their comfortable night, looking after our lovely residents and ensuring they have the best possible night's sleep. One of our senior carer's, Lyza said that, "The PJ's were a good visual reminder to some residents living with Dementia, that it was night time, which helped them go back to sleep quicker."

See how this strategy made our resident's faces light up with joy to see the staff dressed for bed time.  

Newgrange Garden Room

Tranquil Garden Room 

We put the wellbeing of our team at the centre of what we do, we have therefore built a tranquil garden room for our team. The staff love the peace and private space the garden room offers them.

They can then rest and reset before coming back into the home with fresh energy

The Queens Funeral

The Queen's Funeral 

On Monday 19th September we celebrated the queen’s life in our home. We watched the funeral in our cinema room and sat down to enjoy a roast together. 

100 Years Old

Tears of joy as Cheshunt care home resident celebrates her 100th birthday with loved ones!

Edna was surrounded by family and friends as she celebrated her 100th birthday at Newgrange Care Home.

Read the full story on the Community News website:


Gratitude for our large happy family!

Newgrange Residential Care Home in Cheshunt, is working extremely hard to protect residents during the coronavirus crisis. Our talented staff are also focusing on keeping a positive atmosphere in our home to lift everyone’s spirits. We were lucky enough to have a 90th birthday to celebrate over the weekend.

The carers rose to the challenge and filled our home with 90th helium balloons and organised a tea party for 20 of our residents. Living together under one roof means we are able to celebrate like an extended family during these challenging times. As one resident said: “I feel so lucky that I am able to be on lock down with all of you, I would be so lonely at home by myself.”

A song for Newgrange

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