Wellbeing Activities & Entertainments

Welfare improves through mental stimulation

We believe strongly in the importance of keeping minds and bodies as active as possible to assist a person's welfare and therefore provide a full range of stimulating activities and entertainment.

We have dedicated activities coordinators who spend time with each resident individually to understand their interests and capabilities.
The activities programme is then developed to ensure all residents have as much involvement as possible. 

Every activity we engage in with our residents is selected for a variety of reasons. Activity is rewarding, it enhances daily lives and promotes the maintenance of skills, relationships, interests and health. We think carefully about the activities we engage in with our residents and the appropriateness of them. 

We have been awarded a HCPA SWELL Charter Mark

This is due to our home demonstrating a commitment to ensuring the ongoing well-being of our team. We have designated four Well-being Guardians in our home, to help support the mental health and enhance the wellbeing of our staff.
These guardians are trained in spotting signs and symptoms if someone is struggling, how to have a supportive conversation and when to signpost the individual onto the appropriate support.
These individuals will have ongoing training in matters related to mental health to develop their skills set in this area.

Activities and Entertaiment

Monthly Wellbeing Workshop

Our monthly wellbeing workshops for our team was a great success this month.

We had a wellbeing and nutritionist expert from the NHS come in to talk to the girls about how to look after their nutrition, sleep and exercise.

There were lots of great nuggets of information to improve our overall wellbeing.

A happy team = a happier home! 

Newgrange Monthly Wellbeing Sessions

Our activity programme includes:

Massages and one to one pampering sessions with essential oils.
One to one 'talk time' woth supportive care team.
Meditation group classes (Namaste sessions).
Exercise three times a week.
Church service.
Cinema afternoons.
Cooking class, flower arranging & gardening club.
Reminiscence, sparkle newspapers and memory boxes.
Bingo, board games, jigsaws.
Hairdressing once a fortnight offered.
Quizzes, word games, crosswords, word searches.
Outside entertainment.

Activities and Entertainment - Care Homes in Hertfordshire

Every activity provides a range of benefits:

Reduces social isolation and increases social interaction
Uplifting effect on mood and wellbeing
Maintenance and improvement of mobility balance
Improved co-ordination
Opportunity for reminiscence/triggers memories
Sense of being part of a group
Cognitive benefits
Increasing confidence
Spiritual Fulfilment/ Comfort/Support
Sensory stimulation
Sense of achievement
Connecting with the environment 

Activities and Entertaiment
Newgrange Cinema Room

The Newgrange cinema room

Newgrange has a state of the art Cinema Room which includes a 144 inch screen, high quality surround sound and black out blinds.

We have Cinema events twice a month, which the residents enjoy attending.

Review from Kay (daughter of Resident) published on 16th July 2022 

Submitted via email regarding her Mother's 100th birthday party

I would like to thank Newgrange and all the staff for the hard work and effort you all put in to celebrate Edna's 100th burthday. She thoroughly enjoyed Elvis yesterday and the fantastic food and cake which you put on for her family party today. It was lovely that you provided the venue so beautifully decorated for her to share the time with old friends and family.

A special thank-you to Ronnie who even provided lollies for the Great Grandchildren as well as the wonderful cake and buffet. Thank you all so much, it is greatly appreciated & Edna is so lucky to spend her remaining days with such caring people. We could not ask for more. 

Review from JW (Neice of Resident) published on 9th July 2022

Submitted via email.

I would just like to say that you have an exceptional care home with the most kindest and friendliest staff. They always made ourselves and my aunt feel very welcome and I would highly recommend you to any one else in the future.


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