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Future Plans

Enhancing the garden

Paradise Wildlife Park have assisted us to enhance our garden for the benefit of residents. Current facilities include bird feeding table, hedgehog feeding house and a raised planting area for easy resident access.  In early spring we will be assisting the residents to plant vegetables and herbs which they can nurture over the coming months to maturity.


Our objectives for the year are:

~  To utilise the outdoor area more for the benefit of all residents

~  To allow our residents to use the newly designed area to plant and grow vegetables      and other plants.

~ To arrange outside events in the fresh air with the aromas of the new garden      space to improve happiness levels


Fiona Gehring

Making our home even more Dementia Friendly

In line with Alzheimer’s society recommendations we will create a grocery shop, which has a large wall graphic of food and named shop. We will then have real food on display for our residents’ consumption.  Snacking is important for our residents to help with their nutritional intake and provide a sense of satisfaction.

Widening the use of the cinema and activities room:

We will have a programme of film events in this cool, refreshing and bright space to improve mood and overall quality of daily life.

Continuing the Combating Loneliness events

Monthly free events providing a valuable resource for our community for people to meet, make friends and be entertained. These are planned up to December 2020 and will be held on the last Sunday of every month.

Happy Hour

Happy hours will be introduced on Saturday and Sunday afternoons whereby residents can have free drinks from our drinks bar such as a G&T, shandy or sherry.  This will help residents to differentiate between the week and weekend.